ROAR University

Is the learning management platform that we utilize to help our clients find the professional development success that they desire. It's simply time for you to be Relentless. Optimistic. Ambitious and Results Driven (ROAR) in your career/business!


You want more in your life than just a job, you want to grow and scale in your career. Sometimes we need goals in place, tips tools and strategies to find the success.  

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1-Vision Casting and Goal Setting

    • Vision Casting & Goal Setting

    • Vision Casting & Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Affirmations-Vision Casting and Goal Setting

  • 02

    Module 2-ROAR Mindset-Choices and Opportunities

    • ROAR Mindset-Choices and Opportunities

    • ROAR Mindset - Choices and Opportunities Worksheet

  • 03

    Module 3-Action & Knowledge

    • Module 3-ROAR-Action & Knowledge

    • Action & Knowledge Worksheet

  • 04

    Module 4-Time Management

    • Module 4-Time Management

    • Time Management Worksheet

  • 05

    Module 5-Money Management

    • Module 5-MoneyManagement

    • Money Management Worksheet

  • 06

    Module 6-Know Your Numbers

    • Module 6-Know YourNumbers

    • ROAR Money Worksheet

  • 07

    Module 7-"Change" - Motivational Video

    • Module 7-Change-Motivational Video

    • Change Worksheet

  • 08

    Module 8-"Leadership" - Motivational Video

    • Module 8-Leadership-Motivational Video

    • Leadership Worksheet

My Story

After working in corporate America for 25 plus years I know the challenges of trying to grow in the workplace. I understand what it's like to get the job, grow, and scale the opportunity. As I've coached thousands on career development, I understand the need to grow in your career so that you can stimulate your own economy.


Please Note: You can only get out what you put into ROAR University. All sales are final. Come ready to learn and work. All we simply want for you is to find your road to success so that you can ROAR!